Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Burning both ends of the night

Yesterday I swam 12,000 yards and it barely phased me. Hardly felt tired yesterday at all, which had me thinking I might have developed a super power. However, this morning, I was VERY sore and no matter how much I ate I felt starving all day! I was going to try and get 6,000 yards in after coaching this evening, but given my level of exhaustion by 7:30pm, I decided a nice light 3,000 recovery-like swim would probably be more appropriate.

The first 30 minutes felt terrible, however after that point, my shoulders started to loosen up and my stroke felt a little less forced. Swimming so late in the evening is tough, because I will turn around tomorrow morning and be back at the pool at 5 am. Luckily tomorrow I have the afternoon/evening off so I can get a nice nap in hopefully! : )

The weather has been pretty warm in Missoula this week and I am counting down the days until my first open water swim of the year (13 days--Foys Lake with Savannah!)...

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