Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double post

I post twice today, mosly because I am quite proud of myself and what I did today! As I mentioned this morning, I was competing in the Riverbank Run's Trifecta event, which amounted to about 10 miles of running. I had a great race number, 299 and the race felt decent. I took a short nap after the race and awoke feeling terrible. My IT-band felt really tight and I wanted to bag the whole afternoon swim idea.

But I didn't.

Nope, I drug my tired body to the pool and completed 10,500 yards in 3 hours and 45 minutes! The first 2,000 was kind of hard, but after that I felt loosened up and actually quite great. I had friends with me in the pool the last hour, which really helped. After swimming I ate a gigantic salad and some pizza and watched movies...that's my kind of Saturday night! : )

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