Monday, April 26, 2010

A little encouragement goes a long way...

Mark Twain said "I could live for two months off a good compliment." I like that quote.

I strive everyday to encourage and compliment others because I understand the importance of knowing you've got people in your corner, people who believe in you without fail. I get quite frustrated at those people I like to call "dream stealers". You know the type...when listening to another person's goals or aspirations, instead of a "you can do it," or "that's fantastic," they reply with a myriad of reasons why it can't be done. I think that there is plenty of pessimism in the world, why not encourage someone and add to their energy instead of trying to tear it down?

If you're thinking someone tried to dream squash me are right. Mondays are usually my favorite day of the week, but today I was attempting to push through and get an extra workout in instead of taking Monday off (and my last day off was a week ago). My body protested and I only got through 3500 yards of my planned 6,000 yard workout. It happens, you have to let some workouts go. But then, as I was leaving the pool, eager to hop in the shower, wash away the slight disappointment and move on to tomorrow, a dream stealer engaged me in conversation. Now, I don't particularly like this woman, but I am capable of being polite even to people I do not care for. So she starts off by saying that she heard I was swimming Flathead Lake...and then goes on to list reasons why it is ridiculous. I simply put up my hand to stop her and told her I would be fine.

Now, I won't let someone like that discourage me, its not my style. But I do encourage all of you reading this to go out on a limb for someone, believe in someone, even if what they are attempting sounds crazy. I guarantee you, being a part of another person's support system is so rewarding because when they achieve their goal, you were a part of what got them there and they will be forever grateful.

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  1. Hey Emily! Don't let setbacks be a discouragement, think of it as a challenge. Sometimes the greatest satisfaction comes in completing a task that others feel is impossible. I have no doubt you will make it across Flathead lake. If I had to pick anybody that I thought could do it, it would be you. Go out there and help save this little girl!