Saturday, April 24, 2010

Running in the rain is kind of like swimming...

Didn't get a chance to write yesterday, but it wasn't that eventful pool-wise. Surprisingly, I wasn't all that sore from the mondo-yardage the day before (but I credit that to getting an embarrasingly large amount of sleep). Yesterday I swam a nice little 1,000 yards...just to stretch out.

Today I am participating in the YMCA's Riverbank run. I will be doing the Trifecta which consists of a 10K, a 5K and a 1 mile run. I don't particularly enjoy running, but it looks like it might rain and I like running in the rain.

After the run I will head to the pool this afternoon and attempt a 10,500 yard workout (writing it means I have to do it!). : )

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