Thursday, May 27, 2010

And then it rained some MORE!

Haven't gotten to swim outside since Monday, as the rain hasn't let up much here this week. Today in particular was very rainy and windy. So rather than exploring for more lakes to swim in, today I tried out another indoor pool here. I swam today at the Summit. The pool is really nice, but I'm not sure about the lap swim availability. I used a guest pass today, and I talked to a few other swimmers about lap swim times. It sounds like the early morning times are pretty open, and I guess since the full time job starts next week, the 5 am lap swims will be my slot!

Interesting thing about the Summit is that it is half salt water! Now those of you that swim probably know that different pools "taste" different, but the salt water mixed with Chlorine really tastes different. I swam in a pool back in Washington during club swimming that was a salt water mix. Those kinds of pools are REALLY fast pools (buoyancy is increased), but I'm not sure that I will be able to stay in for long without swimming with gum in my mouth. : )

So my swim today was only about 3000 yards in a little under an hour. I hope to get an outdoor swim in tomorrow if the weather is better. But should the rain clouds stick around through the weekend, I will decide which gym I am going to join tomorrow and I can get in a long pool swim.

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