Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Learning as I go here, so for any of my worrying supporters (Mom, dad, Paul...), maybe skip this post. Swam in Foys Lake Monday (if you recall that was the lake that I lasted only two minutes in last month as it was 52 degrees). I am all moved in up in Kalispell and Foys Lake is the closest lake to my house. My friend Savannah assured me that Foys was 60 degrees, which is about what Frenchtown pond was last week. Once at Foys, I checked the temp. at the shore which was 59 degrees, however I believe the center of the lake had to have been more like 55!

We swam about a thousand yards, staying in for roughly 15 minutes. My arms were freezing, but after about 5-8minutes I could no longer feel them. I told Savannah I didn't think we should stay in much longer, as hypothermia is something I don't want. Upon getting out of the water my arms were beat red and covered in tiny welts. We stripped off our wetsuits, bundled up and cranked the heat in Savannah's car. I felt better by the time we got back to my house, but still waited about an hour to take a warm shower (jumping right into a warm shower after a cold swim is not a good idea).

Tuesday I felt terrible. From Monday night to Tuesday afternoon, I slept about 14-16 hours, and I couldn't stay warm. So yesterday I did not work out, in fact I barely left my bed. Waking up this morning I am feeling MUCH better, but I think my rule has to be no water temps lower than 60 degrees!

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