Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I LOVE swimming outside

I am happy to report I have gotten TWO open water swims in this week. Both were in Frenchtown Pond. The temp. is about 60-62 degrees right now, but felt pretty good with a wetsuit. I swam 32 minutes on Sunday (after a short bike ride). Today I got in a nice 45 minutes and I felt I could have stayed in longer (temperature wise), but I was SO hungry. I swam by myself today, but there were a few onlookers on the shore looking at me like I was nuts. I love that part. : )

I'm moving up to Kalispell on Thursday and hoping I can get a swim in up there outside too!

If you aren't an open water swimming fan, I suggest trying it. I feel more at peace in the middle of a lake by myself than I do anywhere else. I've been pretty overwhelmed lately with the changes occuring in my life and swimming sure grounds me.

Anyway, more later! Thanks to everyone who is reading, I love the encouragement and support!

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