Thursday, July 15, 2010

Excited! Nervous! Ready to go!

Okay, so I got my last practice swim in today! Did a short swim and tried out my new neoprene shirt to wear over my wetsuit for the early morning part of my swim. It worked out pretty well, but its kind of tight around my neck, however I think in the morning before the sun comes up, my arms being covered will be a nice treat.

I also got to speak with Ron Stevens, the 2nd person to swim the lake. He was very encouraging and offered me some advice...and for that Ron gets mile 4!

Here's a few more mile dedications:

Mile 21: Lynne Cox. She was a pretty phenomenal distance swimmer (I should say "is"--she still swims). She wrote the book Swimming to Antarctica. A lot of her record breaking swims took place in the 70s, and she swam in REALLY cold water with no wetsuit. She's pretty inspirational.

Mile 18: Laurie Gregory. Laurie was one of my YMCA swimmers and I also worked with her one on one. Laurie let me swim out at her place on Big Arm to train and followed along spotting me in her boat. She is also providing some shuttling services on the big swim day!

Mile 2: Tha coaches of swimming past. My athletic career was shaped by so many coaches, and they all made me the athlete I am today. My first coach was Kim Olson, and without her none of this would have happened, and I honestly cannot imagine what my life would have been like without swimming. Other notable coaches include: Christie Taylor, Mark Olson, Todd Thurnau, Candi Eslinger, Jackie LeGore, and I am sure I am missing a few....

Mile 8: My office. My co-workers have been SOOOOO supportive of me in this endeavor, its unreal. They are renting a boat and will be out supporting me. They constantly are asking how my training is going and how they can help.

Mile 25: My sister Krissy. Krissy gets 25, becuase whenever anyone asks how old she is, my reply is 25! : ) Krissy was a great role model to me growing up and was always really excited about my various events/races, etc. One particular thing I will always remember was one scholarship that I had procrastinated mailing in and on the day that it was due, Krissy drove it all the way to Seattle from Marysville so it would get in on time. And I got that scholarship. Krissy also sent letters to Ellen and Brian Williams about bragging about my swim. : )

Mile 28: Erika Thompson. Erika gets mile 28 because I know at mile 28 I am going to be tired and hurting and if there is any person I know that can get through the tough spots that life throws your way, it is Erika. I hope I can be as tough as Erika on mile 28.

The rest will have to come tomorrow! : )

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