Sunday, July 11, 2010

I believe in myself and that makes me stronger... behind on posts again! Sorry! Here's what you missed:

Wednesday: SHORT swim, about 30 was a bad swim due to boats and jet skis, that's all I want to say about that one!

Thursday: Got to leave the office a little early and swam about an hour at Somers. It was pretty crowded since it was such a hot day. An icecream truck driver recognized me from the paper and asked if I was swimming the whole thing that afternoon, I told him I had a little over a week before the big day. He wished me good luck and with that encouragement I had a wonderful practice! Before the swim I was interviewed by KAJ, here is a link to the interview:

Friday: I was exhausted after this week! I was trying to get some comp time so I might be able to take the Monday after my swim off, so I was going to work early and staying up a little late, on top of getting as much swimming in as I could. So I took friday off!

Saturday: Saturday I drove down to Polson to train. I swam for about an hour and it felt wonderful. Then I drove back up to Kalispell and my co-worker Katie took me to her cousin's and they were kind enough to take me out to the middle of the lake so I could check the temperature and swim a little. The temp was 68 degrees! It felt wonderful and knowing that the temp was so high really alleviated a little anxiety I was having about the temperature. After the swim I was also able to go out on the pontoon that will be my support boat. I am getting super excited about next weekend!!!!!

And today, a rest day! This is the start of my taper week, I am only swimming Tuesday and Thursday of this week and the goal this week is to rest up for Saturday. I am re-reading one of my favorite books, Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox--it's a fantastic story of a long distance swimmer who did some amazing swims in the 70s in VERY cold water without a wetsuit. Its pretty inspirational.

I will have my mile dedications posted this week! : )

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