Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love a good taper!

Yesterday was a rest day, tonight I will get a short swim in. My sister gets into town around lunchtime today!!!! She thinks its a vacation....I think she will be my assistant for the week...any bets on how this will play out? : )

Today I am going to start talking about my mile dedications. I won't do this in order, just as they come to me:

Mile 26: the Moe Family. This is the most athletic family I have ever met. I taught the Moe kids, Jackson and Bridger, swim lessons and worked with Shawn and Carrie in the pool as well. Carrie Moe is one of the most encouraging and positive people I know. When I was struggling this past year, the Moes really helped me get through it and when I succeeded they celebrated my accomplishments as if they were there own. And I stole the mile dedication idea from Carrie....thanks guys!

Mile 1: Jim Kuffel. Jim started all this, seriously. The lake swim idea emerged at the end of a training session I had with him (Jim and some friends are training to swim the English Channel this summer). Jim NEVER expressed any doubt, never tried to talk me out of it and was always encouraging and supportive. I could NOT have done this without him.

Mile 15: Dad. Dad gets happy halfway. My dad is the hardest working person I know. As a child, I can remember my father helping just about anyone who needed help. He was the guy people came to for favors, and I can't remember him ever saying no to anyone. We were not a rich family by any means, but the five of us kids never did without anything really. My dad instilled in me my work ethic and taught me hard work pays off.

Mile 20: The niece and nephews. Mile 20 goes to Hannah, Garret and Lucas. Growing up I always had incredible role models in my older siblings. I hope to be as much of a role model for my niece and nephews. I think in a world of Lindsay Lohans' and Brittney Spears' getting so much attention for bad behavior, it is really important for kids to have positive role models (especially teen girls). I love those kids.

Gotta get to work....more dedications later...

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