Friday, July 16, 2010

What do you mean "try"

So my sister Krissy said to my niece this morning: "at this time tomorrow, Auntie will try to swim across Flathead lake," to which my niece replied "What do you mean try?!?!?!?!" I love that kid....thanks Hannah Banana! : )

The last of my dedications, and I apologize, they will just be a list, even though these people are just as important as the others I have listed, however, it is 9:12pm and I've got to get up at 3:15 tomorrow.

5-Simone--my good friend who has trained with me many times, even on my birthday set of 27-100s

6-The Gerharts-a very supportive family at the Y who I worked with in the pool

7-Joshua- my "little" brother

10- The Happs- Bea and guys rock, thank you for all your support.

11-Ellen Parchen- Ellen was very encouraging to me as a coach and even when I had big ideas, she always helped me make them happen.

12-Charles Woods- Editor at the Montana Lawyer magazine, did an GREAT article on the swim.

13-Amanda- my sister, supporter and friend....

14-Katie’s cousins- eased my fears of the water temperature by taking me out on their boat for a dip in the middle of the lake

16-YMCA swimmers- this group of people helped define me as a coach and helped prepare me to move forward to the next chapter of my life.

17- Katie Mazurek-Katie once counted for me as I swam a 10,000, she pretty much rocks!

19-Extended family- so many people have sent me emails and letters of support, I cannot even begin to express my thankfulness to call you all family.

22-Mrs. Stone-she was my first grade teacher who encouraged me to join swim team.

23-Katie Schulz-my publicist, puppy sitter and possibly my biggest supporter in Kalispell, I could NOT have done this without you.

24-Nicole Erickson-my best friend since 4th grade...I miss you.

27-Paul- My brother and superfan....he's held season tickets to the Emily show since as long as I can remember.

29-Dixie---my puppy, its about mile 29 that I hope to get a dose of that puppy energy of hers

30-Karmyn- mile 30 and every mile before as well as every training mile also goes to Karmyn, may you have a full recovery from this disease and then set out to achieve every dream you can imagine!

There is a possibility due to navigation that I may end up doing more than 30 miles, any extra miles go to anyone who said or thought I couldn't do this.

I will carry you all with me tomorrow! Thanks! : )

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