Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catch up!

Sorry....I've been bad about updating recently. Here's the summary of what you all missed....

Thursday and Friday---I took off....needed the sleep.

Saturday I did a solo swim in Foys. Before the swim, some other swimmers recognized me, and we "talked shop" for a bit before I got in. One of the men knew both the guys who have swam Flathead and offered up some advice. All in all the group I ran into that day was very encouraging and supportive! My practice that day felt nice and stretched out, I swam the fulll length of Foys (which I would guess is about a mile and a half each way) and back-I negative split the swim. I felt great until I got out and realized some jerk stole my towel...I had to go home wet and cold! : (

Sunday I swam at the Happ's cabin on Lake Bitterroot. Weather conditions were not that great, it was cold and for a portion of the practice there were whitecap waves! Craig kayaked beside me the whole 2 hours and 7 minutes, although made a point to remind me several times that as a responsible adult he probably should have told me the weather was too bad to swim....but he didn't! : ) After my swim the Happ's showered me with hospitality by covering me with towels and blankets and seating me right in front of the fire with a delicious dinner!

Today I drove up to Big Arm, off to the West of Flathead and swam from my friend Laurie's place. Laurie was kind enough to boat along beside me. I got in an hour swim. The water temp at this spot in Flathead feels to be at least 5-7 degress colder than the temp. up at Somers. Lauries husband, an avid sailor, set some of my worries at ease regarding my course choice (North to South) when he described the higher than normal flow feeding into the Lake from the Flathead River as well as a typical wind flow that goes North to South every morning on the Lake. Water current and windflow in the direction of my swim course will def. be a great help!

Tomorrow's post I will begin dedicating my miles. I am borrowing the idea from my good friend Carrie Mo, who has a ritual of dedicating various miles of her marathon to different important people in her life. So stay tuned, tomorrow begins the listing of what I will be thinking about for those thirty miles!

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