Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I am in love with Somers as a spot to practice. Yesterday I met a Missoulian Photographer (my newspaper streak continues with an article on the swim in Thursday's Missoulian) to take some photos and then I swam a little. I only swam for about 30 minutes (the photo taking took a little longer than I expected), but I swam around three tiny little islands which had little tiny cabins on them. Someday, maybe I will have a cabin on an island!

Today, I returned to my Somers swim spot with my puppy Dixie, my co-worker Katie and Katie's dog Scout (who is also Dixie favorite dog to play with---she is also a lab). So Dixie isn't much of a swimming buddy yet, she will swim but she gets tired easily and won't go out far. But Scout is full grown and loves her toys being thrown WAY out and then swimming to retrieve them. So I came up with an alternate training regime this evening. Katie would throw the toy (at least 40 yards I'd say), then Scout and I would race to try and get it first. I was laughing so hard becuase Scout was cut-throat about getting to the toy first and she can swim pretty fast! We must have done this at least 30-40 times and Scout didn't seem to tire. I wasn't wearing my wetsuit today, nor was I wearing goggles or a cap (I thought that would be cheating), but I got an hour and a half of swimming in and I was laughing the whole time!

July is here tomorrow...and that means the countdown begins! 17 more days!

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  1. HI! I just read your article in the Daily Interlake about swimming the length of Flathead Lake as a fundraiser for a little girl. What an awesome blessing you are being to her and her family. Thank you for being such a great individual to look up to and show our children what being a 'giving' person and being a blessing to others is about.

    I wanted to ask you as well. I saw you will be taking a lot of things like hammer gel to keep your calories up. Curious if you have ever heard of Nutrilite. My husband and I market for them and we would be willing to donate to your cause to keep you healthy on your trec across the lake! I grew up on Flathead and love it and miss it very much. Anyways, we have something similar to gummys that are called endurance cubes, give you calories and energy while working out. If you are interested or would like some information, let me know. Here is my personal email.

    God bless and have a great time!