Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Duck tails

So yesterday I got hit by a duck...but we'll get to that in a minute...

Last Thursday and Friday I took off. Saturday I did a tiny little 2000 yard swim (400 SKIPS), and Sunday I did 2800 yards in 50 minutes at the outdoor pool (short swim becuase they only have short lap swims here--I guess NO ONE here lap swims!).

Yesterday though...I swam in Foys and rocked it--except for the duck. The water was about 64 degrees--which is PERFECT! Savannah and I swam for about 45 minutes.

While swimming, a duck was initiating duck-take-off-mode and I had my head in the water swimming. My spotting pattern has me breathing typically to my right side, so I didn't see the duck start the take off to the left and it hit me in the head! I was laughing SO hard....that has never happened before.

I felt really great after that swim...I am positive I could handle 64 degrees for at least 15 hours and I feel pretty confident that Flathead will be at least that warm in 4 and a half weeks!

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