Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Monday, monday monday!

Here's a little bit of how my day went:

Slept TERRIBLY! Probably feel asleep around midnight--ughhh

4:30 am alarm goes off...I promptly turn it off in a manner that may or may not have resembled throwing it across the room. Thus, I did not get in my planned 6000 yard swim this morning.

6:10 am--second alarm goes off, hit snooze til 6:30. Played with puppy in the yard until 7, hoping I could tire her out (was unsuccesful, but I did tire myself out).

8-12 work

Lunchbreak spent contemplating whether or not to make up my missed swim in the evening or try for another 4:30 am wake-up on Tuesday.

1-5 work

5-6...another hour spent trying to tire the puppy, before heading to the pool

6:15-7:55--6,000 yards in 1 hour and 40 min! It was SUCH a struggle to get to the pool today, but once I got there, the yards came easily. I had the whole pool to myself, which again is my favorite thing ever! : )

But now...since most of my day was spent away from puppy...I must go run a little with her to burn up her endless supply of puppy energy! I am quite sure I will sleep well tonight!

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