Monday, June 28, 2010


It was a LONG weekend! I swam early Saturday morning in Foys Lake. I was the only one in the Lake and it felt fantastic. I swam for about an hour. Beautiful morning for a swim!

Then I packed up the car and my puppy and I headed to CDA, ID for the Ironman on Sunday. If you've never watched an Ironman before, I highly suggest it. I love it becuase you see such raw emotions. There are the wonderful moments of watching people cross the finish line after in some cases 15 plus hours of racing, but also the disappointing ones like athletes getting pulled off the course due to exceeding time limits. The half a dozen athletes I was there to watch all had exceptional races. After a 15 hour day cheering on my friends in the hot sun, I drove back to Kalispell, getting home about 1am.

Then I had to be at work at 8, and since I don't like coffee, my only caffiene choice this morning was Chai tea. But even with that, I was very tired all day!

So now, despite the fact that the weather is perfect, I am severely sleep deprived and planning on going to sleep at 7pm! This is a key week for long practices, and I don't want to start a hard week off feeling this tired!

Oh and I was in the Daily Interlake on the FRONT PAGE yesterday! Here's the link:

The article indicated that there would be a donation location at Glacier Bank, but its looking like they won't be able to do that. Still looking for a donation location up in Kalispell. But donations can still be sent to my Missoula PO box: 3601 Missoula MT 59803; and there is a Missoula Federal Account named: 50K Benefit for Karmyn.

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