Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cover Girl

So I am pretty excited about this! I just got a donation from someone who said they saw an article about me in the latest Montana Lawyer Magazine....I hadn't yet recieved the latest magazine, so I looked it up on line and my swim is the COVER STORY!!!! Holy cow, right? Here's the link:

They didn't give photo credit in the magazine, but my very talented brother Paul took both the shots they used in the magazine. : ) Thanks Paully!

I haven't written since the Duck incident, sorry if anyone was worried about a possible head injury from Daffy...but it was just a REALLY busy week last week. Had a training out of town that kept me out of the pool Tuesday through Friday.

I took a little dip in Flathead Lake on Saturday (this was supposed to be an actual swim, but my swimmers didn't show up...and you all remember the promise I made ot my dad about not swimming alone). But the temp. in Flathead Lake is showing some promise despite the CONSTANT rain we've had in the last week. It's up to about 59-60 degrees, which is dooable, but please, for my sake, keep your fingers crossed for at least 64 degrees by July 17th!

Today, I swam for 4 hours at the Wave. I did the following:
500 swim 500 pull 100 kick 400 swim 400 pull 100 kick
4000 swim
200 kick
3000 swim
200 kick
2000 swim
200 kick
1000 swim

I was VERY tired after that practice (and VERY hungry)...but I didn't let myself take a nap this afternoon, as I am trying to work on getting to bed super early so I can start getting used to early am's and afternoon naps to nothing to help that!

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