Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two more days!

I can't believe its almost time! I'm very excited! Its been a busy week trying to get all the last minute arrangements in order. Tonight I have my last practice and then I am going to start getting my nutrition in order.

Some more mile dedications:

Mile 3: The three muskateers (Jessica, Haley and Cassie). These girls came to me as a group last fall for semi-private swimming lessons. I always looked forward to those lessons becuase they were happy and laughed the entire time, no matter what I asked them to do. They each made so much improvement in such a short period of time and it was really inspirational. Then to top that off, they are super supportive of everyone! These ladies sent me a beautiful vase of daisy's at work yesterday for good luck!

Mile 9: Mom gets mile 9. I started swimming at age nine and my mom was there for every stroke for the majority of my swimming career. She not only was the one doing most of the driving to and from practices and swim meets, but she also used to sit in the pool area and watch every practice so that after practice when the cute little 9 year old version of me asked "did you see it when...." she would be able to say yes. My mom has always been my biggest fan and best supporter. Thanks mom.

More later! : )

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